Welcome to mcecoconference.org’s community page. Please read below to learn more about our advocacy and how you can help us spread the environmental awareness in your own community.


We, at mcecoconference.org, aim to form a global community that will fight to solve the environmental issues which we are facing today so we can create a healthier environment for ourselves and for the generations to come. To do this, we aim to cultivate a sense of environmental awareness in every member of the society regardless of their age, color, gender, and culture. We encourage everyone to be proud of their diversity, and to use it for the betterment of the global environment. We believe that environmental responsibility is everyone’s priority, and that people should use their different knowledge and skills to step up and do their part.


Mcecoconference.org works in partnership with different local and international organizations, including government agencies and private corporations from different industries. Today, we continue to welcome groups and individuals who share the same passion for environmental advocacy to join our ever-growing circle of partners.

Programs and Activities

With the help of our partners, we, at mcecoconference.org support local and international environmental programs to increase the society’s involvement in our pursuit for a greener environment. The local programs we support include community open forums, recycling workshops, tree-planting events, clean-up drives, and environmental-awareness seminars. Meanwhile, the international programs we support include environmental summits, event-sponsorship, and fund-raising projects for environmental development and beautification. (For more audience-relevant web content, visit https://www.seoexplode.com)

Environmental Issues

Below is a more specific list of the environmental causes we support:

1. Anti-Pollution campaigns: We support anti-pollution campaigns that tackle land, air, and water concerns. We help promote clean and safe water filtration systems, prevention of greenhouse gas emission, and maintenance of overall environmental cleanliness.

2. Energy-efficiency: We help promote the utilization of renewable energy sources for households and industrial outlets. We specifically highlight the benefits of solar, wind, geothermal, and bio-energy to our environment and to our health. Likewise, we also provide facts and historical accounts on the harmful effects of utilizing coal and nuclear power as energy sources.

3. Environmental summits: We support international and local gatherings that monitor the progress and the current issues being faced by our environment in different sides of the world. We make concise and precise synthesis of the discussions from these local and international forums to our followers here at mcecoconference.org, in order to keep them aware of the latest environmental updates.

4. Recycling programs: We support these types of programs hand in hand with anti-land-pollution campaigns. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle process is tied to our advocacy for clean and safe waste management disposal. After all, without proper recycling procedures and sufficient awareness of the importance of such at the community level, waste will continue to increase and cause significant harm.

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Mcecoconference.org invites you and your organization to help us spread environmental awareness in different parts of the world. For inquiries on how to apply as a partner or an affiliate, please do not hesitate to contact us at email@mcecoconference.org.

Below are a list of known international organizations we recommend for our visitors to check out for specific environmental updates:

African Conservation Foundation
EarthEcho International
Global Alliance for EcoMobility
Foundation for Environmental Education
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
International Association of Public Transport
International Coral Reef Initiative
International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC)
International Environmental Law Research Centre
International Network for Sustainable Energy
International POPs Elimination Network
International Union for Conservation of Nature