Who We Are

Mcecoconference.org is a website formed by a group of professional environmentalists. Through this website, we bring our visitors, community members, and subscribers the latest and most accurate environmental news from around the world. To make this possible, we continuously work in partnership with international environmental organizations to provide our readers legitimate reports containing statistical data and factual evidences.

What We Bring to the Online Community

Our web contents cover the following topics: Local and international environmental news reports, updates on technological breakthroughs, environmental events and conferences around the world, proper waste management tips, health awareness articles, and natural disaster alerts. Our contents are supported by numerical and descriptive data gathered by legitimate research centers and are presented in easy-to-understand graphics.

We also provide licensed audio and video streaming of international environmental conferences. These multimedia contents are then transcribed into comprehensive summaries by our professional site administrators for our community members’ convenience.

Our Vision

We, at mcecoconference.org, envision a world where every member of the society does his or her part to help with the preservation and improvement of the environment. We believe that environmental responsibility should be everyone’s priority. We aim to create a global community that will encourage every member of the human population- regardless of their social status, color, age, and culture – to use their diversities as tools to create a healthier and greener Earth.

Aside from cultivating global environmental awareness, our ultimate vision is to create tangible results of our combined efforts. This is why we closely monitor the status of the environment around the world. We deliver the latest information that follow the increase and decrease of greenhouse gas emissions, temperature change, water levels, earth quake levels, and animal population in different parts of the world. Through these statistical content features, we hope to make people understand that their everyday individual actions can create a large-scale impact on the global environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a sense of environmental awareness in every member of the society. This is why we have created a community-friendly website that allows netizens to share their knowledge and express their concern for the environment with each other. Our server is accessible to netizens worldwide, and we encourage every member of our community to contribute their own environmentally related content in our pool of informative articles.

Our web administrators and professional environmentalists conduct a quality check on all of these member-contributions before posting them to assure that only legitimate information are circulated in the community.

In order to take our mission one step further, we participate in local and international environmental programs and conferences with the help of our partners. We send our volunteers along with our professional environmentalists to host community events and workshops in different parts of the globe. Most of our hosted programs include open forums on environmental health hazards, child-friendly workshops on creative and safe recycling procedures, and educational community conferences on proper waste management disposal.

To learn more about mcecoconference.org’s partnerships and programs, please visit our Community page.

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